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The Higher Dorurgin Corporation - Decal Sheet 1

The Higher Dorurgin Corporation - Decal Sheet 1

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When the proud warriors of The Higher Dorurgin Corporation go to war, they do so emblazoned with the icons and insignia of their mighty league.

This 139.5mm x 98.5mm decal sheet contains 170 individual high-quality, full-colour waterslide decals. These decals allow you to easily adorn your warriors and vehicles with accurate detailed imagery, specifically designed for The Higher Dorurgin Corporation.

If you want to see how I go about applying my decals check out the videos below.

I wanted to make sure you get the best out of these decals, so I've have put together two of the best methods I use to get that painted on look.

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Tamiya Mark Fit Super Strong Method

Microset & Microsol Method